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Last year, I made a list of New Years Resolutions…things that I wanted to accomplish for 2013 (and I’ll be honest…I mostly just recycled my 2012 resolutions). Can I just say, putting resolutions to paper (or blog, as the case may be) is hard!! Everyone can see what I’d like to do, where I’d like to be. I put my resolutions out there not only to remind myself but to allow myself to be held accountable by others.
My 2013 resolutions were not a smashing success, but let’s be honest – whose is? Life happens, and it gets in the way of our plans all the time. So instead of resolutions for 2014, I’m content to just make (mostly attainable) goals.
One of the first things on my list? A tornado shelter. After last years’ horrific tornado in Moore, we realized that it was too difficult to get 4 kids and a dog ready and drive to a friend’s house. When we moved to our new house in September, we made sure to set aside some money to get a shelter big enough for our family. Then I started thinking and we decided to get a bigger shelter than we originally planned, in case we had people over or family visiting. (Plus, I’m not a fan of claustrophobic situations…I need space.)
Goal attained: January 1, 2014. Storm Safe arrived at 7 a.m. (!!) New Years Day and installed our shelter in about 3 hours. What a way to start the New Year, knowing that you can protect your family!! Need a storm shelter of your own? They’re giving one away!
My other goals:
* Clean up the backyard and make a vertical garden.
* Post on my blog more regularly/blog some of the sessions from 2013. (I’ve mentioned it before.)
* Spend less time on Pinterest. I’m not kidding, that site is addicting with all it’s delicious recipes, crafts I don’t have time for, and clothes I can’t afford!! But at least I can keep all my ideas for renovating my house organized. Need wardrobe ideas for your next session or wall arrangement ideas? I’ve got that, too! You can follow me here.
* Date my girls. My goal is to spend some time doing an activity with each girl, either individually or as a group.
I’ve got a few other things up my sleeve, but I’m waiting on those for now. I’m hoping to unveil one of the ideas toward the end of January.
Did you make any New Years’ Resolutions? Have you kept/met any of them yet?

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12 Days of Christmas – Winner’s List

In case you missed on the VBP Facebook page, here is the list of all the winners from the 12 Days of Christmas! You’ll find the GRAND PRIZE winner listed at the end. Congratulations to all the winners and I hope you feel as blessed this holiday season as I do! ♥
Day 1 (25% off any session fee): Conna Jo Ridenour Weaver
Day 2 (50% off any session fee): Kendall Mashaney
Day 3 (75% off any session fee): Latonya Renee Williams McHale
Day 4 (free mini session): Cameron Chase Godwin
Day 5 (free mini session + 25% off prints/products): Casi Bowles
Day 6 (free mini session + 3 images on CD): Melissa Fairchild
Day 7 (free mini session + 7 images on CD): Kaylee Douglas
Day 8 (free portrait session): Katti Lynn Keith
Day 9 (free portrait session + 25% off prints/products): Robin Robertson Frank
Day 10 (free portrait session + 5 images on CD): Melissa Fairchild
Day 11 (free portrait session + 10 images on CD): Morgan Noel Merrick Brown
Day 12 (free portrait session + 20 images on CD): Roddie A Holley
GRAND PRIZE (free portrait session + CD of all edited images for you AND a friend): Kayla Horton! Way to go after it, girl! I know you’ll be excited to share your prize for Christmas!
I hope everyone is excited about their upcoming sessions! I can’t wait to work with all of you!
Until then, please be sure to “Like” Victoria Bement Photography on Facebook to keep up with all upcoming events, including Valentine’s Day minis (to be announced soon, if there’s interest) and future giveaways!! You can also subscribe to my blog for updates that may be posted here (including openings for models I may need). The subscribe box is to the right. —–>
Thank you for a wonderful 2013 – can’t wait to see you all in 2014!!!
Merry Christmas & a Happy (and safe) New Year!

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