A’s 2nd birthday {toddler} | Midwest City, Oklahoma Children’s Photographer

My oldest turned two (TWO!) a couple of weeks ago.  Sometimes I look at her and wonder where the time goes…it doesn’t seem like that long ago when she smiled at me with her gummy little smile or said “Mama” for the first time.  Now she talks in sentences, sings partial songs, “reads” me stories, and beats up her little sister, S.  I forget sometimes that she’s two…and when she acts older than her age or gets a smart mouth, sometimes I forget that she’s just two.
Since her birthday fell in the middle of the week, she had to wait a few days for a party.  We had a big penguin birthday party for her since her new love is “Happy Feet.”  We put up blue, black, and white decorations, a handmade two-foot penguin cut-out, and I even partially made a penguin cake…by partially, I mean someone else made the cake and I decorated it – can’t you tell? 🙂
But on her actual birthday, it was just the four of us.  We took her out for dinner at Logan’s, and instead of singing “Happy Birthday,” they yell “Yee-haw!”  When they came over to our table, A was chewing her steak, but she was so thrilled to be the center of attention that she grinned huge and that piece of steak fell right out, completely forgotten. 🙂  After dinner, we took her out to a nearby park to play and get birthday pictures taken.

I grabbed one of my baby, S, with her daddy…I looooove that picture!  What a face!!

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