Assignment: Buildings {misc} | Midwest City, Oklahoma Portrait Photographer

I’ve started a Photography class so I can learn how to better use my camera manually.  One of our assignments was to take pictures of buildings and/or structures both inside and out.  Taking pictures of buildings can be challenging because of the lines (you want them to stay straight unless you’re trying to do something artistic) and because you don’t want to take the exact same “pose” as everyone else.
The first picture is from the playground at the local park.  This structure is called “Todd’s Play House” (at least, that’s what the sign over the door says).
This next one is a birdhouse outside of a home.  I drove by, happened to see this, stopped, got out, felt creepy, took the picture, then ran back to my car before anyone else thought that I was being creepy.
The third picture is the inside of the Skirvin Hotel in downtown OKC.

I didn’t submit this last picture for my class.  I’m not even sure which building this is, but it’s located in downtown OKC not too far from the Skirvin.  I was just really in love with how the blue sky and clouds looked behind the building…it was a really nice day!

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