A gets some attention {toddlers} | Midwest City, Oklahoma Child Photographer

They say that the second child isn’t photographed as often as the first child – I really worked hard to make sure that wasn’t the case.  Right after baby S was born in April, I took dozens of pictures of her every day doing the most mundane things from sleeping to blinking.  Poor A was not having any of this.  She was used to being the center of attention.  For months, about 98% of the pictures I took were of A, and she couldn’t stand the thought that this…this thing was being photographed and fawned over more than herself.
The kid is crazy.
She tried to push the camera away from S.  When I moved up higher, she pushed S away from the camera.  When I put S up higher, she tried to be silly and pose so I would turn the camera to her.  Camera hog.
A needed lots of attention.  In May, I decided to take A outside by herself, play with her, and spend about 30 minutes taking her picture.  She wasn’t interested at first (punishment, I guess), and she tried to make sure that at all costs she did not look at the camera (but she still posed…go figure!).  Toward the end, she finally decided to give me her full attention, and I got a beautiful smile out of her.  So these pictures are a little old, but I still ♥ them.

Luckily, she’s a lot better with S now, and I can even convince her to hug her for a picture!  (It helps if there’s a movie playing.)

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