S {2 months} | Midwest City Baby Photographer

The same day I took Alexander’s newborn/infant pictures, I was able to fire off a few of S.  Here’s what happened: I had this cute teacup prop that I wanted Alex to sit inside, but he was having none of it.  When he finally calmed down, his best picture in it was staring at the fan blades (somewhat cross-eyed and sleepily).  So I decided to see if S would play along, and sure enough, she sat up.  Of course, her best smile was when she was staring cross-eyed down at her belly button…but she had a couple of good pictures otherwise!
Isn’t the teacup cute?  I like to say that S is just my cup of tea…hahaha.  And you have to love the fat rolls in the picture below.  I almost wanted to smooth out her Buddha belly a little bit, but I think fat rolls are just a part of being a baby.  You gotta love ’em.

♥ Victoria
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