Assignment: Out of My Comfort Zone {misc} | Medicine Park Photographer

About 1-2 times a year, we like to visit Medicine Park and the Wichita Wildlife Refuge.  My husband ♥loves♥ the outdoors (hiking, animal watching, rock climbing, etc.), and I will go because I love him, and I love taking pictures.
Our latest trip was on Halloween, and while we were out there, I figured I’d take care of my photography class assignment: taking pictures out of your comfort zone.  For me, that is taking pictures of absolute perfect strangers.  Those who know me may not believe it, but I am fairly reserved with people I don’t know well…borderline painfully shy.  Of course, once I get to know you, I don’t shut up – I’m silly and crazy and loud and what my mom likes to call a “chatterbox.”  So taking pictures of strangers was difficult – especially since I didn’t want to approach people I don’t know.  Here’s one that I submitted for my class of a girl running through the rocks:
This next picture I didn’t submit (I submitted a close up, but I think I might like this one better).  I took a picture of strangers fishing.  I think the picture gives some perspective on the size of these — hills?  Mountains? Rocks?  Ginormous creations of nature.
I might post some of the nature photographs later and make a gallery of the miscellaneous images.  The miscellaneous images will be available for purchase.  Contact me for more information.
♥ Victoria
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