My new camera!

It has arrived!  I’m very excited, but I have a lot of reading (the manual) ahead of me.  Can’t wait to use it in low light situations; the ISOs on my camera should be able to handle much more than my point-and-shoot.  I also bought two lenses, but I still have a couple of lenses on my wishlist (hint for the hubby: Christmas?  Valentine’s Day? Birthday present? Mother’s day?  Not too picky about the occasion!).
The first thing I did was fire off some pictures of my hubby making faces at me…the new camera is so much faster than the old one!  How did I live before this?  The picture I’m posting below was taken with our “old” camera; he doesn’t like the pictures of him making faces and doesn’t want me to post them.
But really: a big shout out to my wonderful, hard-working husband for grabbing all the overtime and working WAY too hard to make me happy.  I love this man!  (Because I love him so much, I’m even going to post a picture of him with his latest deer from a couple of days ago…the deer that will eventually be staring at me along with his two friends from his perch on living room wall – congrats to the hubs for getting a trophy and providing meat for his family for the upcoming year!)
♥ Victoria
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