From the studio {infants & toddlers} | Oklahoma City Child Photographer

After visiting my husband at work last week, I happened to be in the area of my teacher’s studio (Vitale’s Portrait Studio).  I stopped to visit with the kids and of course A, being the terrible-twos-toddler that she is, felt like she needed to get into anything and everything!  I think she completely redecorated his studio and hid all of his small-yet-important items.  I’m sure he appreciated it.
While I was there, he gave me the opportunity to shoot with his (Nikon) DSLR in the studio with the studio lights.  I took a few pictures of A; I was sooooo scared to use his camera!  I was seriously afraid I might somehow damage it or screw it up, especially since it’s worth more than my car.  I only took maybe 10 pictures.  Then Vinny took pictures of S, and he just pop-pop-popped ’em off.
After some cropping (on my pictures, of course), here’s the best two of A:They are two separate pictures, but the camera is so fast that I think both of them were taken in less than a second, so she’s got the same partial smile in both.  I enjoyed trying out his camera, even though I was so scared.  It made me excited to order mine (I did as soon as I got home that night) and stop wavering between whether a Canon or a Nikon is better.  That dilemma had me researching like crazy (and making everyone else crazy) and making a pro/con list for over a month!  FYI: they’re essentially just as good as each other…it’s what fits best with your hands and whose menu/controls are easiest for you to understand and use.
♥ Victoria
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