Our adopted boxer, Molly {pets} | Midwest City Pet Photographer

About a year and a half ago, when A was about 9 months old, I took her to a pet store to look at animals.  She looooooved dogs and cats big time; they always brought a smile to her face, and she would even try to “woof” at them (it sounded like a funny cough).  The particular day we visited, Red Dirt Boxers of Oklahoma were showing some of the dogs they had available for adoption.
I had absolutely no intention of walking out of the pet store with a pet.  Dealing with a child was work enough for me!  But we stopped to pet each dog and give them a little attention anyways.  When we came to Molly’s crate (who, at the time, was known by the name “Bridgette”), I looked into her eyes.  I know I probably shouldn’t have, but I did.  Her eyes called out to me; they were sad…lonely…needy.  When I held A in my lap so she could also pet Molly, Molly’s huge, fat tongue came out to lick her cheek.  And that sealed it for me.  I had to get this dog.
I called my husband up and said, “I have good news, and I have bad news.  The good news is that A is really enjoying all the animals at the pet store.  The bad news is I’m going to buy a dog.”  He tried to talk me out of it, but I told him about her eyes.  I absolutely couldn’t say no to her eyes (although I have since learned how!).
Molly is a purebred boxer.  Her name was originally “Bridgette” but David and I couldn’t stand the name.  It didn’t seem to fit her.  When I first brought her home, David said she had an ugly face.  Unfortunately, she had also recently given birth (maybe a week or two before I bought her), so she was still a little swollen.  This was also a mark against her in David’s book.  He wanted a name that said “Hey, I’m unattractive!”…for him, Molly was that name.  (My vote was for Hilda.)
One of the best things about Molly for me was that she had given birth.  Many mama dogs want to nurture.  After I brought Molly home, we introduced her to everything that had to do with the baby.  We emphasized that A was her baby, too.  Molly ran with that – every day since then, she has allowed A to pull on her, drag her, step on her, pinch her, sit on her, throw things at her…and on and on, all the while protecting her.  Molly’s almost 4 now, and she’s in charge of S as well.  S chews on her, pats her, crawls over her, falls on top of her, and Molly puts up with it with infinite patience.
Luckily, she also puts up with me posing her, too.  Here are some pictures of the fabulous Molly!
♥ Victoria

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