Airplane Museum and a Firefighter Santa {my life} | Pensacola, Florida Photographer

We decided to spend Christmas this year with my family in northeast Florida.  After driving 14 hours with two children 2 years old and under, we were ready to relax!!  We stayed in Pensacola for a couple nights at my brother’s house and visited the National Naval Aviation Museum and Pensacola Beach.  The girls loved getting inside the airplanes – especially A.  She pretended to fly all over and was thrilled that she could mash all the buttons.  (S, on the other hand, just wanted to eat the equipment.)
After lunch we took them to the beach – both for the first time (despite the fact that A has been to Florida previously three times).  They were enchanted by the water and white sand, and we had to hold onto A to keep her from getting in the water – 50 degrees is not pleasant for wading!  A chased birds on the sand and picked up shells while S was content to observe from her spot safely strapped to daddy’s chest.
We got back to my brother’s house just in time to watch the firefighters drive through the neighborhood on their truck – with Santa on board!  A was beyond thrilled, especially when Santa tossed candy canes into the front yard.  When the truck drove away, she called pitifully for Santa to come back…it was so cute!!
I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite pictures from our time in Pensacola. : )
♥ Victoria

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