S {9 months} | Midwest City, Oklahoma Children’s Photographer

I can’t get enough of this kid…granted, she’s my kid, but still.  S has the most infectious smile.  She can thrill the “old folks” when we’re out and about, and she can cause even the toughest gruff guy at my husband’s job to speak in “baby-nese.”  Yep, this one’s a looker and a keeper!
I can’t believe she’s almost 9 months old (a couple more days!)…it seems like just last week when she was so teeny-tiny and now she’s practically a toddler with two teeth!  Her newest thing is, of course, trying to walk.  She “chases” A around the coffee table in slo-mo, which is hilarious.  But more recently, she’s been walking behind her Walk ‘n Ride and trying to transport herself between two objects more than a foot apart…the latter of which causes her to scream.  I figured if she could do all that inside, she could do it outside, too.  So I popped some shoes on her, took her to the backyard, and grabbed some shots of her standing next to the shed.
After this mini-session, I can say this: she does not like to feel grass, sticks, leaves, or pebbles anywhere under her hands unless she chooses to pick them up.  She does not like wood.  And she doesn’t like to look at the camera if the dog is running psychotically through the yard. : )
♥ Victoria

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2 Responses to S {9 months} | Midwest City, Oklahoma Children’s Photographer

  1. I am in love with photos 2, 5, and 7. Great shots!

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