Project 52, Week 4: Soothing Repetition {project 52}

I had to think about the theme for this week for a while.  What is soothing to me?  What is repetitive?
I love taking scalding-hot showers, but I can’t very well take the camera in with me.  Well, I can, but I won’t.
I enjoy the time late in the morning where I can put S down for her nap, let A watch the movie de jour (lately: Cars…she loves her some Mater and Lightning McQueen!), and finally get a chance to eat breakfast.  I could’ve taken a picture of A watching her movie or S sleeping, but how would I capture the repetition of our routine?  I suppose I could’ve taken one of the girl(s) every day for a week from the same spot and made a long print, but then everyone would see that sometimes A wears the same outfit for a couple of days (if she likes something, I occasionally have a hard time pulling her out of it).
And then there’s chocolate.  Boy, do I love chocolate.  Having a bad day?  Chocolate.  Have a headache?  Chocolate.  Craving something sweet?  Chocolate.  Craving something salty?  Chocolate + peanuts.  Want something to drink?  Chocolate milk, strawberry-chocolate milkshake or hot chocolate, depending on the weather.  You can see where I’m going with this, right?  Basically there’s not a day that I go without chocolate.  It wakes me up and helps put me to sleep, and I love it almost as much as I love my husband and children…definitely more than the dog. ; )
Without further ado, here is my picture of soothing repetition – chocolate.  And I probably need to go eat a chocolate chip cookie now, because this looks delicious!
♥ Victoria

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