Going Public for the World to See

Well, I’ve had this blog set up since the end of August/the beginning of September of 2010, but I’ve kept on the down low as I tried to figure out what kind of theme I should use, what kind of background, what my logo should look like, what pictures I should post (not to mention getting them ready for posting)…and between my hardworking hubby, two attention-loving kids, and a cone-wearing dog (she keeps trying to chew her tail off), I haven’t had as much time to devote to getting the blog ready and figuring everything out as I would’ve liked.
But I think I’m (mostly) ready now.  I’m very nervous because giving everyone access to read and view my work is really putting everything out there: for compliments, for criticism, for discussion, for compliments (wink, wink).  Please be nice!
I’ll continue to work on improving the blog and posting more pictures…I have a little backlog going of things I still need to edit and post.  I’m not being lazy, I swear!  Look for more, subscribe if you want, find me on facebook, and suggest to your friends!!
Thanks bunches, and thank you to everyone who has been supportive (especially David).
♥ Victoria
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