Joy of LOVE Day 1: What They Do {joy of love}

Oh, the things you do!  The first day of the free joy of LOVE class with Willette Designs.  Assignment?  Take a picture of your loved one “doing” something (work, play, etc.)
Today we endured a blizzard – heavy snow falling, high temperature of 10 degrees, wind gusts up to 43 mph making it near impossible to see at some points.  Our front yard is indiscernible from the street.  So today I took two pictures of my husband “doing,” both outside in the crazy-cold snow.
The first picture: Our dog, Molly, had to go to the bathroom, but she was too scared to go into the snow by herself.  She tried this morning, but literally took one step outside before whipping around straightaway to come back in the house.  My husband bundled up and walked her around until she managed to take care of her business.
The second picture: My husband figured that since he was already bundled up, he would take care of our driveway so he could make it to work tomorrow.  He braved wind chills of NEGATIVE 15 degrees to clean his side of the carport, my side of the carport, and the walkway to the house.  I’m thankful that he’s tough and a little (ok, a LOT of) cold doesn’t bother him terribly bad.
I hope everyone takes the time to take a picture of their loved one “doing”…sometimes it’s the little things that matter and should be recorded.
♥ Victoria
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2 Responses to Joy of LOVE Day 1: What They Do {joy of love}

  1. Jen says:

    Great shots! I am also doing the Joy of Love. Good luck!

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