Joy of LOVE Day 2: How They Look {joy of love}

Today’s assignment is to capture the essence/expression/attitude/posture of your loved one.  A is so many different things: sweet, impish, smart, helpful, antagonizer, focused, thoughtful, curious, analytical (as much as can be for a 2 year old), spoiled, ignored, hilariously funny, smart-mouthed, trouble-maker, enjoyable, silly, and loving.
Hopefully I captured some of that with this photo.  She looks like she might go do something, doesn’t she?
A is standing on my kitchen counter looking almost directly into an exposed kitchen light bulb.  So hopefully she wasn’t thinking about jumping!  She’s got the cutest eyes and little face.
Side note: Before I put her on the counter,  I put her in front of the window.  Unfortunately, the window wasn’t in a position where the snow reflected light properly to light her face.  So I tried to get her to stand in the back doorway while I stood outside in the snow.  This would’ve been perfect BUT she stood there for all of 0.0001 of a second before screaming “It’s cold, Mama!” and running back inside.  And then she got naked.  I’m not sure what the moral of the story is, but I do know this: standing on the counter is dangerous and not allowed.  She was so happy to be able to do it!
Hope everyone is staying warm today!  Our temperature is whopping 10 degrees, and the snow is blindingly white.  I will not be going outside today or tomorrow if I can help it.  That groundhog-Phil character better be right about spring coming soon – this Florida girl likes the snow but is over the cold!!!  Use today to take a picture of how your loved one looks, and leave a link below!
♥ Victoria
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