Joy of LOVE Day 3: Then and Now {joy of love}

I put off taking pictures today.  I should’ve taken them early, while the girls were being (fairly) well-behaved, but for some reason, I felt really tired this morning.  I kept telling myself that I’d get to it just a little bit later and the next thing I know, it’s almost bedtime.  I’m sure you know how that is – it’s cold, the kids have WAAAAY too much energy, and all you want to do is snuggle down under a blanket with some hot chocolate and watch a movie that doesn’t require a lot of thought.  Preferably something that is not rated G and especially not something you’ve watched ten times in the last three days.
But getting back to the joy of LOVE assignment.  Today’s challenge was to show the change in your loved one since you first met them.  One of the suggestions was to have a picture from the first time you met them side by side with a now photo.  If I hadn’t already put A in bed, I would’ve taken a picture of her holding her first picture in life ever.  And if I wasn’t afraid of waking her up, I’d take a picture of her sleeping next to her sonogram picture.  Actually…..I just gave myself an idea.
*5 minutes  later…
So I just ran into my daughter’s room and put her first sonogram picture next to her face while I took pictures.  Luckily she didn’t wake up!
The sonogram picture is the first time my husband and I ever officially “met” her.  I mean, she was there before the sonogram, it’s just that the sonogram made her really REAL, you know?  Kind of like the first time you hear a heartbeat.  You think, “Wow…there truly is someone in there!” and you feel like your mind has just been blown.
That was her THEN.  This is her NOW.  Do you see the similarities?  Crazy.
♥ Victoria
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