Joy of LOVE Day 4: What They Wear {joy of love}

Today my assignment was to document what my loved one wears.  Could be anything for any reason: clothes, jewelry, jammies, uniforms, etc.  And today was S’s turn.
Although the weather today is a vast improvement on the last three days, a) it was still cold and b) it began snowing – again!  To keep S warm, I dressed her in a footed reindeer outfit.  A loves this outfit; she received it as a Christmas present from her Aunt Reenie and Uncle Matthew two years ago and she definitely broke it in.  S likes this outfit just as much as A used to – it keeps her insanely warm and the hooded part protects her head from the snow.  Of course, no one loves it as much as strangers, who always think that the child wearing it is the most adorable baby ever (and since they’re my kids and I love them, who am I to disagree?!?).
One thing I wish I could’ve done is sat poor S on a snowpile and take a snowy picture in her reindeer outfit, but my husband wouldn’t let me.  I did, however, take over 50 pictures of S.  She was a wiggly worm…I couldn’t get her to sit still for pose for me like she normally does.  I tried to get her to stand so I could do a full-length picture, but all she wanted to do was crawl around and get into things.  Since I couldn’t get one truly amazing picture, I put together a composite of the best parts of several images.  I think it would make a cute present for a grandparent.  What do you think?
♥ Victoria

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