Project 52, Week 5: Muse {project 52}

You know how some people get writer’s block?  Well, with this weeks topic from MCP’s Project 52, I got photographer’s block.  The theme this week was “Muse” and for the life of me, I could not find what I wanted without leaving my house.  I wanted an object that oozed fluidity; something that, when you look at it, you say, “Of course that image could be titled ‘Muse.'”  Didn’t happen.
There’s a bunch of different definitions for muse, but I didn’t want to take pictures of my kids lost in thought.  I’m trying to challenge myself to not use my kids as much as possible with Project 52.  I was really hoping to find something where I felt truly inspired, but with the weather being so yucky and no 4×4, I’m not leaving the house.
So I contemplated my options.  One of the most common associations with the word muse is “a source of inspiration.”  I decided I wanted to capture that meaning.  It’s so hard, though, because so many things inspire me.  Other photographers inspire me (but I can’t post their pictures on my website unless I had an unconscious desire to be homeless).  Nature inspires me.  The fear of failure inspires me.  My huge student loan inspires me (but maybe not in the right way, haha).  However, I would say more than anything, color/texture/patterns inspire me.  Sometimes I see the most fabulous fabric and even though I have no intention of sewing any time soon, I buy several yards, all the while imagining the gorgeous things I’ll (never) make with it.  I do the same thing with patterns, too.  I think I have well over 100 patterns for women’s and children’s clothing that have never been opened.  (One day…maybe.)
I have container after container upon more containers just of scrapbook paper.  I can’t help it.  If I’m wandering around Michaels (which I looooooove to do), I just find things that I can’t live without.  Single sheets of beautiful patterned paper find their way into my cart and in my house.  I probably have over 3000 sheets of scrapbook paper, and I don’t even scrapbook as much as I want to.  My kids will be going to prom before I get a chance to use them all.  (“But,” I tell myself, “at least I’m prepared…for any/every holiday or life situation”…you know, in case I go to China and see panda bears on the Great Wall or I decide to become Jewish. )  I can’t stop myself.  I love the colors, the patterns, the textures.
I have paper that I bought 10 years ago that I can’t part with; even though the paper’s not trendy anymore, I envision ways of using it or transforming it to be useful to me.  I have mulberry paper, linen paper, cardstock, paper I don’t even know the proper names of.  And it’s all organized by color and, in most cases, style (my husband says that’s the OCD in me).
So that’s what inspires me.  What can I say?  I’m a visual person!  And here’s your visual for this week’s assignment:

♥ Victoria
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