Joy of LOVE Day 5: Love to Hate {joy of love}

When I saw that today’s topic was things that make you nuts (you love your loved ones but certain things make you crazy)…well, I could pretty much fill a photo album with that topic alone.
My kids, for example, have this horrible habit of touching the trash can, playing with trash, putting their hands all over their “big girl” potty, eating food off the floor pretty much wherever we are, taking out every single toy from their toy box – not to play with, just to take it out – and leaving them out, wiping their nose on my clothes (they especially like to do this right after I get dressed), pretending to be asleep when I open the door only to scream hysterically when I close it, and ignoring my calls to be careful.
The thing that A does that I love to hate is telling me “no.”  Ohhhhhhh. my. goshhhhh.  That one word can make me go insane.  And I truly think she says it just to see my reaction.  She has me figured out, I think.
S, on the other hand, will look right at me and straight up ignore me.  Here she is, crawling like a speed demon directly for the dog food.  She plans on grabbing a handful and shoveling it straight in her mouth.  It doesn’t matter if I tell her “Don’t touch that!” or “Not for you!” or “NO!!!”  She will look me straight in the eyes, and do it anyways.  Especially if I’m more than two steps away.  I think she’s learned this from A.  She will also ignore me when I tell her not to climb the steps to the second floor, not to eat magazines, not to chew on the dog’s toy, or not to eat A’s Cheerios (which A so kindly provided for S to eat, despite the fact that S only has two teeth and cannot chew them).
I honestly think that sometimes while I’m sleeping, they’re plotting against me to give me a heart attack.
But I chose not to take pictures of them and the things they do that I love to hate.  Why?  They’re little kids.  I like to pretend that they don’t know they’re making me upset/crazy/frustrated when they look directly at me before sticking a small object up their nose or pretending to kiss me only to bite my cheek.  (Sometimes it’s a LOT of pretending.)
Nope, today I took a picture of something my husband does that makes me nuts.
Now, as far as husbands go, I’ve pretty much got the cream of the crop.  He’s super-helpful, very handy at fixing things, doesn’t have b.o., can cook, doesn’t get mad easily, or do stupid things.  He listens (most of the time) and is usually fairly accommodating (hard to do when you’ve got 3 human girls and 1 doggie girl to deal with!).  But since we’ve adopted said dog, my husband’s picking up skills have deteriorated some, and that is what I love to hate.  He eats peanuts, drops one, and just leaves it there, figuring the dog will eat it so there’s no need for him to pick it up.  Our dog is picky so sometimes she doesn’t like what he’s dropped, and she refuses to eat it (which is when the kids step in – see above).  He also spills at least a tablespoon of coffee on the counter.  DAILY.  That’s what I hate: that he leaves food/liquid messes behind.  It used to really bother me, but now I just roll my eyes and sigh because that’s how my husband is.  I can’t change it.  I can’t change him.  At least I know he’ll clean it up….eventually.  When he’s ready.
Here’s to a day without your loved ones making YOU nuts!
♥ Victoria
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