Joy of LOVE Day 6: Who They ♥ {joy of love}

We have three deer heads mounted on my living room wall.  My husband is very proud of them, and he worked hard to “harvest” them.  I thought for sure he would agree to get his picture taken with them for today’s topic.  Well, he did agree to get his picture taken with them (I knew he wouldn’t turn down yet another picture of these deer; I don’t know why!  They aren’t going anywhere!), but he said that he would rather get his picture taken with his two girls on his lap to go with today’s assignment.  He likes his deer, but he really loves his babies.
A is at the age now where she says, “Dada, Dada!  I love you!” for just no reason at all, and I think when he hears that it makes his day.  He will forgive her for pretty much anything. (For example, today while S was napping, she tried to suffocate her by throwing every toy in their room in the crib with her.  S started screaming – who wouldn’t?! – and when David went to talk to her, she just looked at him all wide-eyed and spoke sweetly to him…he can’t stay mad at her when she’s supercute, no matter what she’s done).  I think just certain little things that the kids do just makes his heart full.
The nice thing about this picture is that it shows everyone that I love.
♥ Victoria
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