Joy of LOVE Day 7: Generations {joy of love}

If you’ve read my “About Me” section, you’ll know that I have 7 brothers and 3 sisters.  I also have somewhere in the neighborhood of about 13 nieces and nephews on my side (I say “about” because it seems like every time I answer my phone recently, we have another new addition to our family!).  With that many people, it’s hard to sync up our schedules and visit for the same holidays, especially since many of us are on holiday rotations – and not necessarily the same rotation.
But whenever I’m in town for the holidays, we try to gather all the nieces and nephews together at some point to take a picture.  The last two Christmases I’ve been in Florida, we’ve managed to do this.  I wanted to use one of these pictures for the assignment “Generations” instead of the traditional “grandma/daughter/granddaughter” because within my family, we cross MANY generations.  My parents are in their 70s, my oldest brother is old enough to be my dad, and my oldest niece is only a couple of years younger than her youngest aunt.  With more babies arriving every year (my parents had three new grandchildren last year alone), I think it’s safe to say that I have several family members in each decade from 1960 on.
In the picture are my two daughters and my nephews Alec, Scott, and Sean.  The age range is 5 months old-ish to 17.5 years old.  (The current age range among my nieces and nephews is 1 month to 20 years.)  BTW, it’s totally hard to get everyone’s attention to take a decent picture, especially when 3/5 of the subjects are age 2 and under!  I think that was the first time A had really seen hair as curly as hers close up!!  And here’s another:
All I needed was a baby wrangler!
♥ Victoria
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