Joy of LOVE Day 8: Gift From the Heart {joy of love}

“Oh boy!” I thought when I saw today’s Joy of Love assignment. “I have just the picture for this!”
Just a couple of days ago, my husband finished building my Valentine’s Day gift: a ginormous wood computer desk and hutch built to my specifications with cherry-colored exterior, white interior, and beautiful 3-D granite-looking laminate.  He spent two Saturdays and a Sunday working hard to build it for me so I could stop using a plastic folding table (which was mostly sturdy but still a little dicey).
I couldn’t buy anything that would better suit my needs.  I have shelves along the top of the hutch that house my printer, a 3-drawer storage container of office supplies, and binders/magazine holders.  I have 3 small shelves that hold CDs perfectly and more commonly used office supplies.  I have shelves to each side of my monitor space for magazines, notebooks, books, or binders that I use the most.  On the bottom right, I have an open shelf for my CD burner and external hard drive (with space for more external hard drives as/when I need them), and an open cabinet for my CPU with plenty of “breathing space.”
David worked really hard to make my desk look beautiful and just like my little blueprint.  I know that this is his “gift of the heart” to me, as is every thing around here that he builds/fixes/repairs…and I love him for it.  I made a little collage of “us” pictures to hang behind my computer screen; they’re all self-portraits, except the second from the bottom on the right side (taken by David’s parents) and the bottom picture on the right side (taken by Shanna Rae).
Thank you husband!!
♥ Victoria
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