Joy of LOVE Day 11: Dreams {joy of love}

I can’t believe how behind I’ve let myself get.  I think I was overly ambitious trying to take on two different photography classes/assignments (in addition to getting my business started, caring for two kids 2 years old and under, and dealing with cone-headed Molly’s slow-healing tail — which, by the way, has thankfully almost finished healing!!).  I do plan on catching up at some point this week, so keep your eyes open for lots of posts.
Day 11’s assignment was dreams.  It could be a picture of your loved one dreaming or a dream that your loved one has.
My husband and I dream of the same thing for our future.  We both want land.  And that is where the similarities of our dream end.  He doesn’t care how big his house will be or what kind of house he will have, he just knows he wants at least five acres (but preferably more like 100; however, he’ll gladly take 20).  I, on the other hand, envision rolling green hills (even in the winter), a little lake, and a gorgeous two-story plantation house (or even colonial) with a wraparound porch and gorgeous columns.  I want to be able to sit on a rocking chair on the porch and watch the sunset; my husband wants to sit in a tree stand and watch for deer.  We (re: I) will most likely have to compromise and settle for a hopefully-it’s-decent house to get 5-10 acres; we’d also like to have a little workshop area for him and a little photography area for me.  Our dream is probably years – and years – away…but while we wait, we’ll dream!
♥ Victoria
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