Joy of LOVE Day 12: The Eyes {joy of love}

Many people will say that eyes are the most attractive physical feature.  I am definitely one of those people!  Eyes are soooo important that when I made myself a list of what I was looking for in a man, LONG before I met my husband, beautiful eyes was one of my top demands.  I lucked out when I met my husband because I can spend hours looking into his eyes (and from what he tells me, vice versa…which is good because otherwise it would be kinda creepy for me to hold him down while I just stared into his eyes).
I love my husband’s hazel, paint-splattered eyes.
My children also have crazy-beautiful eyes.  A has hazel eyes – one eye looks paint-splattered just like David’s and the other eye looks sunburst just like mine.  S’s eyes are mysterious: I’m not sure exactly what color they are because they’re so dark it’s hard to tell (although it looks like one is mostly brown with blueish in it while the other one is mostly blue-gray with brownish in it).  If anyone can figure out what color S’s eyes are, please let me know!!


♥ Victoria
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