Joy of LOVE Day 15: Kiss (Kiss Bang Bang) {joy of love}

These next couple of assignments required the use of a tripod. Luckily, I bought one a little over a month ago, so I was able to use it for the first time tonight. Reading the directions on how to use it made my eyes cross (I am definitely a more visual person), but somehow I set the tripod up without the camera taking a plunge.
Joy of LOVE assignment Day 15: Capture a kiss (ideally, the photographer is in the shot).
This is by far my favorite assignment yet!  My poor husband…he had to kiss me at least 100 times for 30 minutes and endure the camera’s blinding flash…all until I was happy with a kiss picture.  He doesn’t look too unhappy, does he?  We tried little pecks and big smooches, but I think the last set of pictures we took are the best ones.  I have to wonder: is it work if it’s fun?
Hard to believe we’re halfway done!!
♥ Victoria
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