Joy of LOVE Day 17: Staying In {joy of love}

“What do you do when you are home together?  Document it!”
I spend a lot of time with A & S.  I take care of them while my husband is at work, and we read, color, sing songs, play games, build towers, ride bikes, climb inside tents, and drag the dog around…all without leaving the house.  Usually I just let S run wild (she crawls lightning fast!) but I didn’t want a little blue streak going through one corner, so I put her in her bouncer.
The girls enjoyed having their picture taken while they play – it’s not anything new for them; however, I put the camera on a tripod with a timer set up.  A was utterly amazed that the camera could flash and snap a picture without me behind it!  I have bunches of pictures with wide eyes and uber-happy-thrilled grins on their faces.  I guess I’m going to have to set up the tripod more often (although I’m not sure whether they enjoyment came from the fact of getting a picture taken with me or the idea that the camera can take a picture by itself…I am really going to go with the former).
♥ Victoria

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