Joy of LOVE Day 20: When They’re Home {joy of love}

What is special about having your loved one home?  How are things different?
When David comes home from work, the girls light up.  They are so excited to see him; A runs over to hug him and S moves (crawls if she’s on the floor, walks if she’s leaning on the coffee table) as fast as she can.  They want to play with him.  Molly is even worse – no matter where he goes, she is half a step behind him.  If he sits, she lays right next to him.  And sometimes David pretends he doesn’t like all the estrogen in our house (especially being the only male), but I think he really loves all his girls rushing over to love up on him after a hard day’s work.
Everyone should take time today (or tomorrow, since I’m posting this so late) to document how much your loved ones mean to you when everyone is home!
♥ Victoria 

Daddy and his girls

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