Project 52, Week 7: Open Your Heart {project 52} | Oklahoma City Photographer

Can I be horribly honest for a minute?  When I saw that the assignment was “Open Your Heart,” I immediately (and quite loudly) busted out with some Madonna: “…to me, baby, I’ll hold the lock and you hold the key…”  Embarrassing, I know.
But on a more serious note (since the picture corresponding with the assignment is very serious): April 19, 1995.  How many people remember where they were or what they were doing on this date?  I was living in Florida, and I woke up to celebrate my 14th birthday.  For most Oklahomans, however, the date is etched in their memory – this was the date that domestic terrorism hit home.
The Oklahoma City bombing affected Oklahomans hard, but in true tough-as-nails pioneer spirit, they rallied together to search, rescue, recover, and help each other.  Strangers became friends, and the memories of those lost will never be forgotten thanks in part to a chain link fence on the western wall of the Memorial.  The fence, to me, symbolizes the theme of “Open Your Heart.”  Every day, visitors from near and far attach items to honor and memorialize those who were lost and/or survived the attack.  Oklahomans opened their hearts, and continue to open their hearts, when tragedy strikes.
Events like these is partially why the motto of Victoria Bement Photography is {Live. Love. Remember.}  Because at the end of the day, memories are all we have to tie us to the past and give us a reason to move forward.
♥ to all,

The Wall

The Chairs (representing those who died)

The Survivor Tree

The Church (nearby)


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