Joy of LOVE Day 21: Hands {joy of love}

Rough.  Callused.  Cracked.  Wounded.
My husband abuses his hands every day at work.  He builds cabinets (among other things), and the combination of wood and tools toughen his skin – he has real working-man hands.  What better than to juxtapose his hands with the soft, tender hands of his daughter?  In this picture, David is reading a storybook to A while she sits in his lap, hands perched on top of his.  I actually took this picture a few days before the assignment was given, just because they were both so cute.  Luckily, it was before he really split open his index finger knuckle!

I also took pictures of Molly’s “hands.”  She has cute little white-gloved hands/feet.  I figured I hadn’t really included her throughout the joy of LOVE assignments, and I felt bad because I do love her.  Mostly.  When she’s not chewing on her tail.
♥ Victoria

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