Joy of LOVE Day 23: Favorite Facebook Pic {joy of love}

Day 23 Assignment: Go through all your Facebook photos, and pick your favorite shot of you and your loved one.
This is harder than it sounds.  Why?  Three reasons: 1) I’m usually the one taking the pictures (so they’re either self-portrait-style pics of the two of us or I’m not in them at all). 2) Most of the pictures of the two of us involve kissing. 3) Picking a favorite is hard!!  We have so many happy memories of our travels and adventures together documented through photos.  One of the ones I really liked (from our “mini-moon” after our wedding) isn’t even on Facebook!  In fact, none of our mini-moon pictures are posted.
I finally chose a picture, though.  It’s a self-portrait that’s actually hanging behind my monitor (you can see the picture in an earlier Joy of LOVE post), and I think we’re both super-cute.  We happened to be at Castaway Island Preserve in Jacksonville, FL; it’s very beautiful, serene, and best of all, uncrowded!
♥ Victoria
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