Joy of LOVE Day 25: When You Love Them the Most {joy of love}

I’m actually finishing an assignment on time for once!  Not bad for a sickly girl!! (It’s either allergies or a head cold.)
Today’s assignment is “when you love them the most.”  Immediately, I thought about how, every morning, my husband gets up at 5 a.m., gets ready for work, and kisses me goodbye (most of the time while I’m trying to still sleep) right before he leaves.  I always wake up for it.  I could be dead asleep, and I just know that he’s leaving so I wake up, get my kiss, and go back to sleep.  I love that he always remembers.  I love that he loves me.  And I love that he finds it so important and worth doing.
But I’m not going to take a picture of him doing it.
Why?  Two reasons. 1) I would have to wake up earlier and get out of my warm bed to set the camera up.  With this recent cold snap – not happening.  2) Ugh, I do not like how I look that earlier in the morning!  I don’t care how much sleep I get, I always look exhausted at 5:45 a.m.  There’s no getting around it.  I’m lucky my husband wants to look at me; I’m not sharing that around!
So Plan B: When I love S the most.
S, if you didn’t know, is a hilarious kid.  I mentioned on Day 22 her new trick…ah-dorable.  She’s got a funny fake laugh.  And a fake cough.  She crawls around lightning fast.  She took her first, and so far only, step to the dog – the dog of all things (not the mother who carried her around for practically 10 months and has taken care of her almost 24/7 since birth; yeah, no, I’m not hurt).  She sucks face with other babies…real and fake (and by suck face, I truly mean she’ll grab their face and try to kiss their lips off).  She barely cries unless she’s hungry or she’s in desperate need of a diaper change.  This kid is totally awesome!
You can see that choosing her most lovable characteristic is going to be difficult.  Everything she does is cute!  I love her so much all the time!
But I REALLY love it when she looks right at you, smiles, sees you smile back, and then laughs.  It makes my heart want to burst.  Her smiles and laughs are just…perfect.I hope you find as much joy and happiness in her little face as I do.  BTW, that streak in her left eye really is made up of two colors: brown and blue (or possibly grayish…it’s hard to tell!).
♥ Victoria
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