Joy of LOVE Day 26 – Bromance/Fromance {joy of love}

The suggested topic for Day 26 was to document your loved one’s bromance.  As the only man in my house, I approached my husband.  He  told me that he doesn’t have a bromance anymore.  His younger brother, who was his BFF for years, joined the Army and moved to Lawton (an hour and a half away).  We very rarely see him anymore, so their bromance has slowly drifted apart.
Instead, I decided to document my loved one’s fromance.  You read that right.  Fromance.
Since we haven’t cut A’s hair yet, A has grown a little curly moppet-fro.  S’s hair is just starting to grow out, and she now realizes that she has a bit of fuzz growing.  S is enraptured by hair.  She likes to pull on mine, gently pet Molly’s fur, or tangle her fingers in A’s mop.  She’s thrilled by every chance she gets to sit close to her sister and her crazy curls, and most of the time, A is just as excited about S (emphasis on most of the time!).
Here’s to a happy-little-girl fromance!
♥ Victoria

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