Project 52, Week 8: The View From Here {project 52}

Wait, you might be saying.  This isn’t week 8.  ::sighs:: I know.  I got behind on my posting (just like the Joy of LOVE series…don’t judge!).  But here it is!
Week 8’s assignment: The view from here.  My picture is of the Midwest City water tower.  It’s within walking distance of my house.  Recently they built a new one a little further away, and there is talk that the old one will be torn down soon.  I chose to photograph this to preserve it’s memory as the big, lunky fixture jutting into the sky surrounded by homes.  I would really love to climb up to the top and take pictures of the neighborhood from it’s vantage point, but I don’t think I have the connections to do that yet.
Want to know a secret about how I edited this picture?  It might ruin your perception, so don’t read it if you don’t want to know…just highlight the space…the grass was actually deadish-brown.  There are going to be people who analyze this picture now to point out what I could’ve done better, I suppose, but I love it.  And I should.  It took me forever to teach myself how to alter the image (I am forever learning something new with Photoshop).
Hope you enjoy it!
♥ Victoria
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