Getting back into the swing of things…and catching up on Project 52 {project 52}

The past month and a half has been so crazy-busy that I’ve neglected my blog.  Sorry!  It was just one thing after another!  We had (what we assume was) the flu in my house for almost 2 weeks – my husband got it first, then both kids simultaneously, and then me.  Boo, flu!  Then personal issues, planning the little one’s FIRST birthday, packing for an extended Florida vacation for me and the girls, driving to Florida with girls and dog (still cheaper than flying, although definitely more trying!), my birthday (yay-ish!), my daughter’s 1st birthday, family pictures, a big hootin’ birthday party…
So, still in FL, but trying to get back into the swing of things and catch up!
Project 52’s Week 10 assignment was “Childhood Toys.”  One of David’s coworkers gave our girls a beautiful doll house complete with furniture and dolls at the end of March/beginning of April…and our girls just love it.  They sit next to each other, sharing and playing quietly (most of the time, lol).Girls playing with "childhood toys" - MCP Week 10 "Childhood Toys"The assignment for Week 11 was “Lights and Darks.” I took this picture through the blinds during an indoor natural light class with Vinny because I liked the contrast.Building through blinds - MCP Week 11 "Lights and Darks"Week 12’s assignment was “Jewelry.”  My mom has entrusted me with my grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s wedding rings/bands from both her and my dad’s side of the family.  They’re not really worth much financially, but to my mom, they’re worth a lot sentimentally.  They’re important to me, too, because yes, I feel like I’m connected to these relatives (all of whom are deceased), but I feel lucky to be a part of the chain of generations and glad to “protect” them to pass on to my daughters when they get older.Family heirlooms - MCP Week 12 "Jewelry"The last picture for this post is from Week 13.  The assignment was “Just for fun!”  I had a hard time choosing a picture for this assignment.  That week, we had taken the girls to Medieval Fair in Norman, OK, and the girls and I rode an elephant while David took pictures.  And while I love those pictures (and eventually I may post one), I fell in love with this beautiful girl dressed like a woodland fairy.  She put a lot of effort into her costume and was absolutely gorgeous!!  She looked like she was having fun, and she was super-fun to admire.MCP Week 13 "Just for fun!" - Real life medieval fairy
Coming soon: Easter pictures, pictures from the (Florida-based) Julie Paisley workshop as well as some sneak peeks from my engagement session with sweet couple Jess & Heidi.  Hopefully S’s first birthday (!) pics & some more {project 52}, too.
Hope everyone had an amazing Easter!
♥ Victoria
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