How I Spent My Spring Vacation: JPP Workshop, part 1 {my life}

Most people go on vacation to enjoy themselves…I went hoping to work my butt off (and somehow still finding time to visit with family & friends).  Trying to do everything all at once was a little overwhelming for me, but luckily my mom was really supportive during my visit – especially as opportunities arose.
I happened to be on Facebook checking out my feed early on in my trip, and I noticed that Julie Paisley of Julie Paisley Photography was offering a basic workshop the last Saturday in April.  I have been watching Julie Paisley for a while now.  I mostly stare at her pictures (they are gorgeous!) and occasionally I read her posts/blog (she’s very supportive of newbies and their millions of questions), but the last several weeks have been so busy I’ve turned into a skimmer.  Call it fate, luck, divine intervention, or what-have-you, but I saw her post about an opening at her workshop, and I immediately contacted her.  At first it didn’t seem that I would be able to participate, but everything suddenly worked itself out.  Like I told Julie when I first met her…I think it was just meant to be!
And thank God it was meant to be!  I had the best time!!!  I thought I understood manual mode on my camera before, but she really helped some stuff click (ha, ha).  Being hands-on and interacting with others was just an amazing experience.  I felt comfortable, I felt excited, I felt like I was learning and discovering so much, and I just didn’t want the day to end!  I wanted to pick her brain for hours (and I might have some picking left to do, Julie!).
But before I post some of the images from the basic workshop, I do have to say a huge thank you to Mommy Salami (my mom…and in case you were wondering, no, I’m not sure how that nickname came to be, other than my family likes to give rhyming nicknames). My mom is literally the most amazing woman on Earth.  She gave birth to and raised 11 children on my dad’s single income, and although I’m not entirely sure how, most of us ended up fairly normal (by our standards, anyway).  She sews, knits, cooks, cleans – this woman does it all.  And did I mention that she loves-loves-LOVES her family big time?  So much so that she watched my girls so I could cram four sessions, two workshops, and hours after hours of editing images in addition to hanging out with my family & friends, getting a mini-moon with my husband in Cedar Key, celebrating birthdays and Mother’s Day, attending a friend’s wedding, and cleaning out the blackberry bushes in her neighborhood during my time in Florida.  She is ah-may-zing!!!!
Now on to the pictures from the JPP Workshop!  We started out working with Claire, who had just turned a year old that day.  She was so adorable, and she had the most beautiful blue eyes – I am totally jealous!  Happy birthday, Claire, and thank you for being patient with us!!
Claire's First BirthdayClaire's First BirthdayClaire's First BirthdayClaire's First BirthdayClaire's First BirthdayDon’t you love her smile?  It’s so sweet!!
Balloons for Claire's First BirthdayClaire's First BirthdayDid you see those tiny painted toenails?  Too stinkin’ cute!
Claire's First Birthday cake smashClaire's First Birthday cake smash
Our next little model was a tiny little newborn girl named Mattie.  Newborns are dangerous…especially when your baby isn’t really so babyish anymore…and you kind of want another…and the mama lets you cuddle her little one for a couple of minutes…which means negotiations with the husband must continue, lol.  This one is my favorite:
Newborn babyNewborn babySleeping newborn babySleeping newborn babyNewborn babyI really love this one, too!
Newborn babyNewborn babyNewborn babyThe last set of models was a little family.  The B family was so beautiful…They are seriously photogenic!  And I love the mom’s short haircut!  (I’m never allowed to cut my hair that short – I think it was in my marital vows or something – but I wish I could, and if I did, I can only hope my hair looks half as good on me as hers does on her.)
B family picturesThe B family photosB familyB familyMom and son - the B familyThe boy loves nature! The B familyThe B familyI love the next picture.  Seriously love.  I want to hang this on my wall, he’s so cute!Boxed in - the B familyThe B family - son individualThey’re just beautiful.  And her hair!!  ::sighs::
The B family - couple shotsThe B familyI’m not sure which father/son picture I like better…the son looks so happy with his dad in both!
Father and son - the B family
Father and son - the B familyThat’s a pretty big preview from the first workshop (but not everything, since I want the families to get some surprises when I give them their images).  I had so many favorites!  Which one is yours?
Still to be blogged: Matt & Emily, Orion, the newborn workshop, and Kristie & Kaleb.  Keep your eyes peeled. : )
♥ Victoria
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