How I Spent My Spring Vacation: JPP Newborn Workshop, part 2 {my life}

Fate intervened again.
After making plans with family to go clothes shopping at the Outlet Mall (and possibly getting mani/pedis) the first Saturday of May, I found out that Julie still had an opening for her newborn workshop.  A couple of comments/messages later, I was bailing on my sister & sister-in-law for the squishy goodness of newborns.  It wasn’t as easy to get away from my kids for this workshop – I think they could sense I was leaving them, and suddenly they felt the need to cling to my legs as I tried to get ready.  Unfortunately, this made me a little late, but I arrived just in time for TWINS!!!!
One baby is enough to make me sigh longingly.  TWO babies = baby fever!  (My fever has broken since, but still!!)  These cuties – Chase & Cameryn – were perfect.  Per. Fect.  Seriously.  I thought it was going to be doubly hard to get them to cooperate and sleep, but they were so peaceful!  I’m sure they’re not like that all the time, but it worked out well for the workshop.  (Of course, it could’ve been Julie’s magic touch!)  Julie molded them into all sorts of poses, and she managed to get a chin pose out of both of them – at the same time (see below for proof)!!!
Twin babies - Cameryn & ChaseTwin snuggles - Cameryn & ChaseTwin baby snuggles - Cameryn & ChaseTwin babies in a basket - Cameryn & ChaseTwin babies holding hands - Cameryn & ChaseTwin babies chin pose - Cameryn & ChaseDidn’t I tell you?  Chin pose on twins!  I’m in awe of Julie…that took a lot of time to set up!!
Twin babies in basket - Cameryn & ChaseTwin baby girl - Cameryn - sleeping away.Twin baby boy - Chase - dreaming of trucks.Twin baby feet with wedding ringsYou’ll be able to see more baby Cameryn & Chase pictures on my Facebook page later on today.

The next baby to model for us was two-day-old (that’s right TWO) Peyton.  I wasn’t able to stay for all of Peyton’s session because I had a friend’s wedding to get to, but ohmygosh, she was so adorable!  She looks like an angel, too; just a cherubic, sweet angel.  This is why I like to watch my children sleep, lol…they look so beautiful and innocent!  Peyton woke up right before I left, so I took a few pictures with eyes wide open.

Welcome to the world Cameryn, Chase, & Peyton!
♥ Victoria
Baby Peyton | Victoria Bement PhotographyAngelic baby Peyton | Victoria Bement PhotographyAngelic baby Peyton | Victoria Bement PhotographyBaby Peyton | Victoria Bement PhotographyBaby Peyton - 2 days old newborn | Victoria Bement PhotographyBaby Peyton in a bowl | Victoria Bement PhotographyBaby Peyton toes | Victoria Bement PhotographySwaddled baby Peyton - eyes wide open | Victoria Bement Photography

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