My Top 3 Must-Haves for Summer Outdoor Photography Sessions

After taking pictures on-location three days last week in somewhat random locations, I have discovered three major must-haves that need to be in my bag that are easily forgotten…and I’m not quite sure why I didn’t think about these items before!  I think these must-haves can apply for both the client AND the photographer!
  • Bug/tick repellent.  Tramping through woods, brush, and thigh-high grass in the middle of summer in the name of pictures is great fun and all…as long as I’m not being attacked mosquitoes (who, by the way, seem to see me as an all-you-can-eat buffet – you know, the kind with King Crab legs that everyone just can’t get enough of??) and ticks.  I will tell you this: I scream like a horrified little girl when I see/feel ticks, especially when they are on ME.  Plus, it’s just a tad unprofessional to blurt out loudly “OMG, I think I feel something crawling on my butt!!!!” when you’re in the middle of a session.  Not gonna lie, I said that last week, and it was a little awkward, lol.
  • Water.  With summer temperatures soaring and the heat still blaring at 6 or 7p, water is a must.  Bring at least one bottle with you, and take sips throughout your session.  Even if you don’t feel thirsty, just swish a little around in your mouth every 30 minutes or so.  This is especially important for children, pregnant women, and the elderly.  Plus, drinking water is good for your skin – which makes for pretty pictures!
  • Tweezers.  “What?!?” you say.  “Why?”  Bees.  Cactus.  Plant hitchhikers/spurs/stickers.  Thorns.  Splinters.  Random small, sharp object on the ground that somehow gets lodged in your thumb when you’re trying to sit in the grass.  Nothing is worse then having a sharp pain and having to wait a couple of hours to take care of it…except trying to take care of it by squeezing/scratching/digging…and making it worse.
An honorable mention goes to baby wipes.  Since I have two kids, I’m pretty much guaranteed to have wipes on me or in my car.  Those bad boys are good for cleaning dirt off hands, wiping faces, cleaning cuts or wounds – pretty much anything.
What do you think?  Is there something more important?  What’s your favorite must-have for summer outdoor photography sessions??
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