Tavia {baby bump} | Oklahoma City Maternity Photographer

I had been looking for a maternity model for forever…and I was so excited when Tavia contacted me!  She was 32 weeks along with her second little boy, and she wanted maternity shots with her husband, Philip, and their toddler CD.  Um, yes, thank you!
We ended up taking the images over the course of two days because about 10 minutes into the first session, the sky slowly began to darken.  We stuck it out, but on our way to the second location, the sky grew black, and my husband called to let me know a hailstorm (of course) was headed right in our direction.  Needless to say, we called it a day.  The next day, we returned to the second location with a wary eye on the sky.  Before I left my house, I was worried that we would be rained out as storms were racing right for the heart of OKC.  Rain began to fall as I drove…but I think God heard me begging to just get a couple more pictures because somehow the storm went right around us and the sky cleared up in time for “magic hour!”  ::sighs happily::  Hands down, some of my most favorite images of an adult I’ve taken so far!
I really enjoyed Tavia’s family!  CD was absolutely adorable – he has this grin where he squints his eyes shut; every time I see it, I just laugh because it’s so cute.  Tavia was the best model – willing to try anything and looking gorgeous doing it.  And Philip seriously cracked me up…as I was taking pictures I would hear “heh heh heh” very softly.  After hearing it a couple of times, I finally lowered the camera a little and looked out questioningly.  Philip was making himself laugh so his smile would look more natural!  LOL!  I love ♥ this family!!
I had the hardest time choosing my favorite images from their session!!  I’m sorry, but I’m probably going to post a lot! 🙂  Enjoy!!
♥ Victoria
Maternity: Tavia with baby boy clothesMaternity: Ultrasound family picMaternity: Ultrasound family picMaternity: big brother hugging babyMaternity: expecting coupleMaternity: expecting familyMaternity: expecting coupleMaternity: expecting coupleMaternity: expecting coupleMaternity: baby bumpMaternity: the second day flower fieldMaternity: bump loveMaternity: ultrasound picmaternity: wild flower fieldMaternity: expecting family with squinch grinI love how sympathetic CD is being in this next picture, lol!maternity: expecting family, sympathetic sonmaternity: expecting familymaternity: walking in the flower fieldmaternity: walking sunflarematernity: daddy lovin' on baby
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