Getting down and dirty trashing the dress with Liz {trashed!} | Oklahoma City Portrait Photographer

What woman doesn’t love to get dressed up?  It starts from childhood, you know.  Little girls putting on their mama’s dresses and high heels…and we never really grow out of that, do we, ladies?  I mean, not really.  There’s prom, our wedding, other people’s weddings – all excuses to play dress up!!  And that’s what we did.
I happened to have a spare wedding dress (one of the dresses I bought before I married my husband…and yes, I purchased more than one).  In my ideal world, I was hoping to wear it for my own “Trash the Dress” session since I didn’t actually wear it for my wedding, but I kinda fell out of love with it (buyer’s remorse, of course).  My gal Liz, whom I had met during one of my photography classes was MORE than willing to play dress up and model for me, although I think we just barely kept ourselves from having heart attacks more than a couple of times.
Her session began at a decrepit – yet gorgeous! – building in Midwest City.  In the middle of taking pictures, a cop drove by three times before finally stopping to talk to us…we were so nervous because we weren’t sure if we were trespassing!  Luckily, he just wanted to let us know that he thought it was ironic we were taking bridal portraits in front of a building that used to be a funeral home.  (The building has since been demolished, boo!)  Boy, did we take a big sigh of relief when he left!
We then drove toward Lake Thunderbird and stopped at an old covered school bus stop.  Near where we parked on the side of the road, hundreds of beautiful blooming Indian Blankets covered the ground – of course without a speck of shade in sight!  As I struggled to hold a reflector and block the light, a woman came out of her house to see what we were doing.  Here we are, out in the middle of the country, taking pictures practically in someone’s front yard…and that someone (who may or may not be armed) is walking toward us.  Liz jumped in the car and locked the door, but I waited to talk to them so they know I’m not a bad guy.  Once I explained what we were doing, Miss J sweetly offered to let us use her property!
Liz jumped in a pond, played with a goose, dragged through some dirt, watered Miss J’s crops, chopped some wood, walked on a trail, and braved numerous ticks!  And she wasn’t the only one, which is why I now highly recommend tick repellant!  We packed up, made plans to return a little later, and drove to Lake Thunderbird for some yummy lake shots.  I posted a side by side of the color and b&w version of one image on FB because I love them both for different reasons – check them out and give your opinion!
On our way back to Miss J’s, we stopped by an abandoned house and cautiously took a couple of pictures (the front porch was too cute, even though it was falling apart…plus, the house matched Liz’s boots, lol).  At Miss J’s we got into some serious trashing…Liz attacked the dress with scissors and ragged it up before we dumped it in a trash can with old leaves and set it on fire.
We had a lot of fun, and it was crazy what Liz was willing to do!  Now that’s some bonding time, lol!
♥ Victoria
P.S.  It was pointed out to me that my comment button is difficult to find.  I agree, and I have to figure out the best way to fix that.  In the meantime, in case you’re wondering, the “Leave a comment” link can be found at the very end of every post. 🙂

Trash the Dress LizTrash the Dress LizTrash the Dress LizTrash the Dress LizTrash the Dress LizTrash the Dress Liz bus stopTrash the Dress Liz Bus stopTrash the Dress Liz Indian BlanketsTrash the Dress Liz Indian BlanketsTrash the Dress Liz trailsTrash the Dress Liz gunTrash the Dress Liz Lake ThunderbirdTrash the Dress LizTrash the Dress LizTrash the Dress LizTrash the Dress LizTrash the Dress Liz blue bootsTrash the Dress Liz cutting it upTrash the Dress Liz cutting it upTrash the Dress Liz displaying her workTrash the Dress Liz getting gasolineTrash the Dress Liz setting fireTrash the Dress Liz setting fireTrash the Dress Liz burn baby burn
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