Hello Kitty goes to college {for fun}

I remember when I was a little girl, I used to love to go to the Jacksonville mall.  They had a Sanrio store FILLED with almost everything “Hello Kitty” you could possibly want as a little girl – purses, shirts, hair accessories, jewelry, toys, school accessories, and more!  I used to buy the mechanical pencils and erasers…I had a collection going.  As much as I loved Hello Kitty, I hard-core loved Keroppi (whom I, for some inexplicable reason, remember calling Kero-keroppi – maybe just because it sounded fun?) and Badtz-Maru (primarily because my favorite color is black and he seemed tough) most.  In fact, I still have my Badtz-Maru chained wallet.

Badtz-Maru wallet

Unfortunately, the Sanrio store in the J-ville mall closed, but there’s still a few locations scattered around that carry some “Hello Kitty” products…larger selections can be found mostly at small specialty stores (including, supposedly, one in OKC).  But now Target is carrying Hello Kitty dorm room items (in addition to the tons of other Hello Kitty gear they have), and I am so wishing I was a college student again!!  Gotta heat something up?  Let me just pop that into my Hello Kitty microwave!!  Want some toast?  No problem!  Cold coke?  Check the mini-fridge!  Being a grown-up isn’t as fun, lol.
Hello Kitty MicrowaveNow if only they’d get some of this stuff in Badtz-Maru, I’d be redecorating my kitchen!!  (Hey, he’s still cool.)
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