What to Wear: Summer Ideas to beat this Oklahoma Heat

So I don’t know about you, but I feel like the summer in Oklahoma is never going to end!!  Over 50 days with 100*+ heat, and my air conditioning bill is definitely showing it.  With that in mind, I’m just hoping that the blistering, scorching heat will eventually turn into something a little less hot…but not blizzardy-cold just yet.  I am a Florida girl, after all!  (Or I guess used to be?  I’m not sure what the requirements are before I totally give up the “Florida girl” title…I would assume that I’d have to live in OK longer than I have in FL…?)
In the meantime, though, let’s embrace the (hopefully!) ebbing warmth with some end-of-summer “what to wear” ideas!  As a photographer, I’ll admit that I have anxiety when it comes to trying to coordinate my little fam, especially since there’s 3 girls to dress.  We all want to be cute without competing for who’s the cutest (I think we know who that is, though, lol).  And pretty much every time I book a session, the first question out of the client’s mouth is “What should I wear?”  Clothing is such an integral part of the session because you want to look your best, so here’s some ideas for you to mull over as we wait for fall to arrive!family photography clothing ideasfamily photography clothing ideasfamily photography clothing ideasAnd remember – I say this in my FAQs – the goal of dressing for a session is to coordinate, not match.  The best reason I can think of for NOT dressing alike – not many families normally go shopping or go to dinner dressed alike.  I mean, when was the last time you were in Target and you saw a family of 5 all wearing white shirts, khakis, and white tennis shoes?  It probably doesn’t happen very often (if ever).  Photographs should be a reflection of reality – albeit our best reality, right mamas? – but reality nonetheless.  Embrace the individuality of your family members but complement each other through your clothing choices.
A special thanks to Corina N. for the WTW idea boards!
♥ Victoria
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