What to Wear: January Edition | Oklahoma City Portrait Photographer

I’m a little late on posting this, but to say things have been hectic around my house would be an understatement!  I have several projects in the works – to be announced soon – and I’m on the lookout for some promo models – also to be announced soon!
On the home front, I am almost five months pregnant with TWINS! If I thought being pregnant with one baby could be tiring (especially while caring for my 3 year old and 21 month old!), twins is absolutely exhausting!! They don’t agree on what side to lay on, making sleeping through the night difficult, and they definitely don’t agree on what side of my belly to kick, lol. Additionally I’ve been classified high(er)-risk with some minor complications that require me to limit my activities and increase my doctor’s visits, so we’ve got a full plate! But we’re excited to plan for our additions!!!
And as what usually happens when I’m pregnant, my husband has decided to tackle some major home repairs and is completely renovating the main bathroom from head to toe. He’s replaced pipes, subfloors, main floors, and is currently tiling away the shower and floor with the hope of finishing the entire bathroom before the babies are born. LOVE him!
BUT. Getting back to the What to Wear idea boards…since I’m pretty sure that’s why you came to visit, lol. I know I’m at the end of January here, but these are looks that can easily roll over into February. I love the color schemes, but I’m a sucker for vibrant jewel tones anyways. To warm up the second look a little, include some additional yellow or brown accents or swap out some of the blue (like Dad’s pullover) with a chocolate-colored shirt. Mmmm, chocolate….

Do you subscribe to the blog? Are you a fan on Facebook? No? You should be! (And thank you to all of you who are!) All of the upcoming exciting announcements are going to be revealed soon and subscribing (above right) or “liking” VBP is the best way to stay in the know and get first dibs on important info! Don’t wait! And please recommend VBP to your friends…the more, the merrier, and of course we shouldn’t keep good things all to ourselves…unless it’s chocolate!

♥ Victoria

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