What to Wear: Spring Edition…and twin stuff!| Oklahoma City Portrait Photographer

I know we’re well into spring now, so I’m really late. But I have a good excuse! I was in Florida visiting my family for a week last month – probably the last time we’ll be out that way for a couple of years once the twins come – and everything has been hectic with almost-weekly doctor’s appointments since we’ve been back.
Speaking of the twins, we had an amazing Thing 1 and Thing 2 themed gender reveal party, which somehow turned into a slight baby shower! We had about 20 people eat burgers with us and wait – somewhat impatiently – for us to cut into our Thing 1 and Thing 2 cakes to find out the gender. In case you were wondering what color the cakes happened to be, they’re PINK! We’re having 2 more girls (for a total of 4!)!!! We’re very excited, and I think my husband’s a little relieved, to be honest…he knows how to deal with little girls, and he is so loved by the two we already have that he can’t imagine a little boy loving him any more! (From my point of view, it’s much more fun to dress up girls than boys, lol!)
In the meantime, here’s the idea board for Spring pictures…I’m hoping to have a couple more for you soon!

♥ Victoria
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