Catching Up: Roger & Nancy {couples} | Green Cove Springs, FL Portrait Photographer

I can honestly say that the last several months have been crazy-busy. And I tried so hard to keep up with everything – including the blog – but there was no way. So I’m going to try to catch up over the next few days with my posts.
I’ll start with my parents. While in Florida in March, I took pictures of my parents. They have been married almost 51 years (next week), and they are ah-dorable. It had been a while since they had had pictures together (December 2010), and Trying to get them to follow direction was just ridiculous – my mom kept trying to be over-the-top and teasing my dad, and I literally almost peed my pants because my usually tough-and-stoic father was being a total goofball right back (of course, it didn’t help that I was pregnant with two babies pushing on my bladder, either). Their mini session was filled with innuendos (made by them!) that wouldn’t have been so bad, if they hadn’t been my parents, lol. That was probably the most fun I’ve had with them in a long time!
R+N {couples} #1 | Jacksonville, FL | Victoria Bement PhotographyR+N {couples} #2 | Jacksonville, FL | Victoria Bement Photography
The story behind The Outtakes
Can you pretend like you like each other and stand closer? No, CLOSER. SNUGGLE IN, GUYS!
My Mom snuggles in closer, and I get my Dad’s face (see “The Outtakes” above). Or, when I asked them to look at each other lovingly and think about kissing…I get my Mom looking at my Dad like they’re on the cover of a romance novel and he’s Fabio. I think she was doing it to make us laugh. There are many more outtakes from their session, but a majority of them are blurry because they were moving around too much (I think there was some tickling involved).
And people wonder why I’m so silly!
But they are very cute, and still very much in love. You’d never know that they had been married for 51 years because they could still ham it up like newlyweds. You gotta love them (I know I do!).
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