Catching Up: My Baby Story!! {my life}


While pregnant with the twins, I had doctor appointments with my regular OB, a specialist, and then the hospital. I was classified as high-risk, since I had twins, and then we had the added complication of placenta previa for the longest time (about 3 months). We worried about having a c-section. Once the placenta corrected itself, we had another problem: at 30 weeks, I was already dilating and one of the babies remained transverse. So I had to manage some semblance of bed rest along with caring for two energetic toddlers by myself while my husband was at work. He’d help me as much as he could when he’d get home, but needless to say, it wasn’t easy.

The last couple of my pregnancy included twice-weekly visits to the hospital for NSTs (non-stress tests). Baby B toyed wiht our emotions by moving head-down, then transverse, flipping in every sort of direction. We worried about a c-section some more – with my parents in town only for a little bit, we had no idea how I would take care of four children under the age of four without help while my husband was at work. I had a couple of friends offer to help, but I knew they were limited in what they could offer by their jobs. Luckily, at the last hour, Baby B (Miss S) moved to the correct position. All told my labor was quick – about 2.5 hours – and easy. No complications for this chick…I’m a baby-making machine, lol!

We were also very lucky that we had Amber, from Amber Borrell Photography, come out to photograph the birth (THANK YOU, AMBER!!). Amber and I had discussed birth photography early on, and I was blessed to have her drive to the hospital early (I mean, early) in the morning to capture our special memories. Unfortunately, hospital rules said she couldn’t come in the operating room with me, but she managed to get the emotional shots in the moments just before and after the twin’s birth. See for yourself:
Birth Photography of Victoria from Victoria Bement PhotographyBirth Photography of Victoria from Victoria Bement PhotographyBirth Photography of Victoria from Victoria Bement Photography

I was pretty much all baby, lol. Thankfully, pregnancy is good to me…very easy, for the most part…I credit my mother for that. Also thankfully? My older two really love their twin sisters, which means they will feed and burp and snuggle babies as necessary. They are also the best pacifier-retrievers in the world and can shush babies like nobody’s business.

So that was my “summer vacation.” How was yours? 😉


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