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Last year, I made a list of resolutions for myself. Usually at the end of the old year/beginning of the new year, I revisit my old resolutions – especially since I tend not to look at them again after I’ve made them – and see whether I actually accomplished anything or not. Sometimes it’s a pleasant surprise…sometimes it’s a face-palm oops. And then I make new resolutions or renew my old ones. Here we go!
2012 resolution: Be more organized/reduce clutter.
Verdict: Epic fail. I really tried…for about a month. And now with four kiddos, it’s even harder! So many appointments, and of course you can’t do them at the same time.
2012 resolution: Be better about going to church regularly.
Verdict: Only a partial fail. When the twins’ due date closed in, I became really paranoid about going into labor in the middle of church so I quit going. And then after the twins were born, the thought of taking all 4 kids horrified me. But my oldest started Sunday school this year, so I take her to church about half of the time. (I’d take her more, but the twins are still on a feeding schedule.
2012 resolution: Donate more (time, talents, possessions, etc.).
Verdict: Success! I do stuff for the PTA at A’s elementary school, I gave away a BUNCH of clothes this year, I helped at church as much as I was able…I feel good about the amount I was able to donate this year considering the circumstances.
2012 resolution: Work at procrastinating less.
Verdict: I succeeded for a couple of months, and then it all went kaput. Maybe if I had procrastinated less, I’d be more organized and have less clutter!
2012 resolution: Surround myself with positive people who are going to lift me up and support me/Avoid negative, disrespectful people or people who talk trash about me, gossip about me, and try to bring me down.
Verdict: Success! Thanks to my husband, a bunch of great gals in YAM & at my church, and a FB group of amazing photographers from across the US, I have had a wealth of positive, uplifting vibes! I love it!!
2012 resolution: Save more money/build up savings.
Verdict: This is kind of a toss up. While we didn’t exactly add too much to our savings this year, I did pay off a huge chunk of my student loans, so I’ll still call this a win. Because everyone knows that paying off debt is definitely a good thing.
2012 resolution: Contribute to my IRA.
Verdict: Fail. But I paid off debt…I think Suze Orman would still be unhappy.
2012 resolution: Be more prompt.
Verdict: I will say this – I am more prompt/earlier this year than I was last year.
2012 resolution: Keep better/more complete files.
Verdict: Work-in-progress. At least my accountant was happy with me earlier this year. We’ll see if she still feels the same in a couple of months.
2012 resolution: Refuse to let people use me, manipulate me, or try to make me feel guilty for choices my husband and I make that are in the best interest of our family.
Verdict: My husband and I have been hugely successful with this one in 2012. We used to get it situations where we’d feel bad if someone needed/wanted us to do something and we couldn’t or it wasn’t in the best interest of our family, but we realized that we need to put our family first. Every day we make decisions that affect our four little girls’ lives, and we have to stand by our decisions. We can’t do things just to make others happy; we have to do what’s best for us and our girls.
2012 resolution: Love my parents more and show them my appreciation more.
Verdict: Success! I didn’t do a thank you note per month, but I did send a couple as well as a few care packages filled with little-girl drawings. We did a photo shoot. And when they came to Oklahoma for almost a month, I gave my dad free reign of my TV (I’m pretty sure nothing shows appreciation like controlling the remote). Also, days before I gave birth I drove across town with two toddlers to get their favorite ice cream at 8:30 in the morning. And in case none of that worked: Hey, Mom & Dad! I love you!!! Thank you for loving me, helping me, supporting me, and wanting me to be happy. Ya’ll are ah-mazing.
2012 resolution: Learn more…Become more educated…Increase my knowledge…in everything I do.
Verdict: This didn’t even really need to be a resolution. I love learning! But, success.
2013 Resolutions
More of all this ::gestures above:: I really liked my resolutions from last year, and I can only improve on the areas where I failed. I am going to add on new resolution, thanks in part to something I’m working on with YAM, and that is:
* To get healthy & toned. I have lost all the twin baby weight (it took me about 2-3 months), but carrying twins for 36 weeks really stretched out my stomach. I’d like to get bikini-body ready (oh, that sounds scary!), so my goal for 2013 is to straighten out my diet and get toned. Feel free to join me!
Here’s to a wonderful 2013!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Victoria Bement Photography | Signature
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